Dear Community members,

My Hope and Future Advocacy Services (H&F) began advocating for children who are victims of child abuse in July 2016. We work for a simple purpose to Eliminate cycles of child abuse and restore family bonds through prevention, intervention, and treatment services. My H&F is a grassroots movement that looks to equip faith base organization with trainings and presentation on how to end child abuse and stop the current cycles. My H&F advocates for our most vulnerable children who are being exploited and Human Trafficked all over California. California is a leading state for Human Trafficking and our children are at risk of becoming lured and bound. My H&F believes that the Hope that anchors this agencies heart will fight and break these cycles of child exploitation. My H&F strongly believes that it truly takes a community to raise a child. We are located in the center of California were we fight and advocate for children. My H&F needs the support of the community along with your prayers. Together we can provide hope and a future to our next generation. Become an anchor of hope with us and fight for our children. Together 4 the Kids!

Yolanda King

Hope * Rescue * Restore